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Input your Email or Username in Two Keystroke (iOS)

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Sick of typing out your entire email or username each time?

If you want to bypass the long and tedious process of entering your email /username/password each time you can quickly enter a shortcut on any iOS device following this step-by-step picture.

1.Enter Settings.
2.Select General / Keyboards / Add New Shortcut
3.In the phrase field enter your email or username.
4.Add a shortcut such as the first letter and an @ symbol, (It can be anything).
5.Hit save.
6.Compose a message and see if the shortcut works.





How to Successfully Live in the Cloud


I’ve always loved “The Cloud” for it allows me to view pictures, listen to music, open files and save bookmarks no matter where I am in the world or what device I’m on.

There are therefore a few requirements I have for good cloud living. Cross platform (iOS/Android/Web), and ease of uploading and downloading from your chosen cloud service.

I’m not one for picking sides, or choosing one service over another. I like to explore all the options and check back on new released from previously poor services.

Here is my current cloud set-up and something you can emulate to have peace of mind and a device with plenty of space. I never buy a gadget with lots of storage because it’s a waste of money, and I can access what I need on the go and save offline for when I have no WiFi/network. Continue reading