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Input your Email or Username in Two Keystroke (iOS)

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Sick of typing out your entire email or username each time?

If you want to bypass the long and tedious process of entering your email /username/password each time you can quickly enter a shortcut on any iOS device following this step-by-step picture.

1.Enter Settings.
2.Select General / Keyboards / Add New Shortcut
3.In the phrase field enter your email or username.
4.Add a shortcut such as the first letter and an @ symbol, (It can be anything).
5.Hit save.
6.Compose a message and see if the shortcut works.




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How to Get to the Top of Taipei 101 for Free…Kind Of

Our friend Doris arrived from London on Friday last weekend. Having never been up the world’s once tallest building, Taipei 101, so we though it would make a good Saturday morning outing.

However, riding the worlds fastest elevator up to the top costs a staggering 500NT (£10/$17/€12.5) which while not astronomical, when two of the three members of the group have already been up before, it seems a waste of £30 to look across the city from above

Fear not, here is a secret hack for when you visit Taipei. Continue reading