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1st day in Japan


Woke at 4am for our 5:30am flight from Taipei to Tokyo Narita airport. We’ve been to Tokyo twice now so the trip in to town is more familiar, although we had a few hiccups early on.  Number one was forgetting to move our clocks an hour ahead and almost missing our train and the second was misreading the train ticket and thinking we were in cart 9 rather than seat 9, meaning we had to run half-way down the platform to get on the high speed railway.

The trip in to city centre is nice. Lots of green fields and country houses with cool blue tiled roofs.  We got off at at Shibuya station and got a taxi to the apartment we are staying in.



After a short rest we travelled to the new Tokyo studio to read through the scripts for the coming week of shooting.  The set is being built and we have our first 7 videos to record tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a 12 hour day, from 8am to 8pm. Let’s hope the first day of filming goes smoothly and can ease the nerves.



Below is a short hyperlapse of the famous Shibuya crossing made famous in movies. Still playing with the hyperlapse app so have not perfected the technique of filming.

>Steps taken:13,692

>Floors climbed:19


Author: G.J

Neuroscience graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I have a passion for learning Chinese and finding resources to maximise efficiency.

2 thoughts on “1st day in Japan

  1. Are these the first videos for Chinese pod?

  2. Great stuff. Questions re the Hyperlapse video: does everyone in Tokyo have black hair and do they all walk as fast as that?!

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