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Life updates and restarting this blog


It’s been a long time since my last post.  Well that’s all going to change because I miss having somewhere to document what’s being going on in my life, and an easy way for people to pop in and see what i’m up to without having to write separate emails each time.

However, since i’m very busy of late, these posts will hopefully be regular, short, and a mixture of pictures and text. It will act as a journal to mark some of the small yet important events so that I can look back on them some day.

Anyway, enough of that. Where have I been for so long?

Well when you saw me last, I was probably teaching you how to ‘hack your mac’ or fine tuning the perfect cup of coffee.  After two semesters of Mandarin school at ShiDa, I found that it was about time to get a job since I had spent all my money on tuition fees.

Before the end of last year I was busy preparing to get married and working out all of the legalities of getting paper work ready for my wedding in Hong Kong and visa for Taiwan.

After a nice long stay at home in Devon, I returned to Asia and got married in Hong Kong on 12th December 2013.  Returning to Taipei, F and I found jobs at Kojen English in their adult department.  This was a great job since it involved travelling around big companies in fancy suits, teaching people from all different walks of life, and most importantly, avoiding teaching children at all costs.

During our weekends, Fiona and I would film and edit regular episodes of MandarinMadeEZ.  Because of this, we one day received a Skype call out of the blue from Sean at ChinesePod, and offered the chance of setting up a Taipei office.  Having listened to ChinesePod every day when I first arrived in Taiwan, I couldn’t really believe my ears that they were contacting us.

We were flown out to Singapore, then Tokyo, and finally accepted a job with them.  Sometimes life offers you these chances, and you can either choose to take them or not. In this case, we jumped 4 footed in to it.  While it was risky, it paid off.

It’s now been several months since we took this job.  The Taipei office is set up, and I was actually offered a promotion and made Chief of Operations for the company…

On Tuesday next week, F and I will fly to Tokyo to do an intense 4 days of shooting a series of lessons in the newly made Tokyo studio.  Since this will be a rather exciting and entirely new life experience, I have re-started this blog to document them.  I’m pretty busy most hours of the day, so a lot of the posts will be short and sweet, but it’s important that you all hold me to my regular posting schedule.

See you soon…


Me a few days ago

Me a few days ago


Author: G.J

Neuroscience graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I have a passion for learning Chinese and finding resources to maximise efficiency.

3 thoughts on “Life updates and restarting this blog

  1. Glad you are back, look forward to your posts. See you at Christmas, then we can see about me changing to one password!

  2. Short and sweet is good. No need for long screeds. Welcome back. It’s been far too long.

  3. It certainly is great to have you back. Keep up the great posts. You’ve inspired me to get back to my blog too. I’ve been cheating a bit though, copying and pasting from my Day One entries and adding a few pics.

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