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Last Weekend


This is actually a combination of the last couple of weekends, which we have recently made and effort to fill with lots of fun activities.

On a bright and sunny Saturday morning, I drove down to ShiPai石牌 MRT station on my scooter and met L on his newly bought second-hand bike.  Having past his test a week before, he was eager to explore the mountains that surround my flat, and the Northern parts of Taipei.  It’s only a short drive into them, and before long, you are towering above the entire city, and in complete wilderness.  It’s one of my favourite places in Taiwan, and something we should do more often.  In the mountains, which are part of YangMin Shan National park, you will find a multitude of hot-springs.

Beitou 北投 is famous for these warm thermal springs, and are visited by throngs of tourists from all over Asia.  I myself have only been a handful of times but last weekend was one of them.


After our short drive, we drove down to ChiangKai Shek Memorial Hall 中正紀念堂 and Joined F, Matt, and Kendrick for a spot of Archery at the municipal gym.

After this, we heard commotion outside, and witnessed a giant parade full of troops of school children, and old ladies in not very much clothing


After this we went to the old America embassy for a spot of food, then made last minute plans to travel back up into the mountains for some late night hot springs.  Laurie, Matt, F and I soaked in the volcanic waters until the early hours before returning home for a nice long sleep.


The following weekend, we had another date in the Mountains. This time we were in search of some roast chicken, baked in large outdoor furnaces.  It was impossible to find, but when we did it was worth it.  Two whole chickens later (and I mean Whole; head, claws, anus and all), we drove down to Shilin士林 for some casual browsing in B and Q.

IMG_3894 IMG_3897 IMG_3898 IMG_3903

The next day, we arranged to have a picnic in Nei Hu 內湖。 F and I prepared cucumber sandwiches, egg mayo, and left over chicken.  With a kite packed and two bottles of wine in hand, we got a taxi to Neihu.  Forgetting to bring a corkscrew, L had to improvise with a fork and shoe.  After this we took 4 stops back on the MRT and went to watch “Judge” at the cinema, starting Robert Downy Jr.


IMG_3907 IMG_3909 IMG_3914


Author: G.J

Neuroscience graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I have a passion for learning Chinese and finding resources to maximise efficiency.

2 thoughts on “Last Weekend

  1. What can I say, Laurie, you told me a fib!

  2. Great to read that you’re getting in some fun stuff at the weekends and lovely to read about it too. Keep it up. Window on China next?

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