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Summer Update

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1st August 2013

It’s mid summer and hotter than a dogs bollock. We live on the top floor of our 5 story apartment and hence, the sun rises at 5 each morning and bakes the patio roof, making the rooms below feel a lot warmer than the outside temperature. Each morning I wake in a sweat and reach for the air-con to cool the room for 1 hour. Imagine waking up at a music festival everyday in a tent with a hangover, that’s how I feel each and every morning.

Once outside, a small breeze makes walking pleasant, although as soon as one stops for more than a few moments, beads of sweat appear on the forehead and back sweat forms on t-shirts and tops.

I have so far attended one class of yoga, and am going again this evening (Thursday). Fiona and our flatmate have already been going for a few weeks but I was reluctant to go, knowing that my body was inflexible. However, yoga is a mix of flexibility and strength, and what I lack in elasticity, I make up for in might, and can do some more advanced moves while being unable to cope with basic moves.

The room is cool and minimally lit with an indian style theme. The majority are women although the are a few men as well, perhaps 12 people in total. The instructor takes us through a 1/1.5hour set, ending in a relaxing sleep/meditation thing while he comes round each and everyone adjusting our corpse pose. He squatted over me in the dark and massaged my upper chest which began to get a bit weird, until he moved on to the next person.

We are approaching the final exam of this term, with another few weeks of class left. The words are becoming more and more complex while the grammar is starting to make sense, although the amount of words is beginning to get difficult and my writing is falling behind my comprehension. I am wildly trying to catch up by adding the vocabulary to my Skritter Chinese writing practice flashcard app. Words like legislator, senator, house of representative and electorate are hard words to remember when i have little awareness of the American political system.

I am currently watching Dexter and Luther Season 3. I am also casually watching True Blood with Fiona, and Geordie shore Australia as a guilty pleasure.

We went to Wolverine 2 last night at Shilin night market at 11pm. There was not one person in the auditorium but for a rogue mosquito that had us for dinner. Fiona left at the start to go to the toilet while i was subjected to a scary “Amityville horror” type trailer. Sitting alone in a dilapidating cinema watching this kind of supernatural ghost movie trailer is not nice. Wolverine was ok, but probably not worth a second watch. It made me really want to visit Japan thought.

We have also seem Pacific Rim (amazing special effects and monsters with terrible accents and stereotyping).


Fiona is a health fanatic these days and almost a fully fledged hippy. We don’t eat out of plastic, drink home made smoothies, eat beans as a staple food, have lovely packed lunches each day including sweat potato and salmon, and attend yoga twice a week. I like it.


My phone was lost some weeks back. Last week Fiona received a phone call from Taipei Main Station lost and found. Someone had handed it in. We are now successfully reunited.

I must go and attend yoga. 再見



Author: G.J

Neuroscience graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I have a passion for learning Chinese and finding resources to maximise efficiency.

One thought on “Summer Update

  1. Nice Post – Good to hear what your up to! Im thinking of taking up Yoga too, if its good enough for Andy Murray, its good enough for me! In other news answer my Facebook post please…. Peace Xx

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