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My Own Balcony Garden


Saturday 23rd June 2012

I started my balcony garden today. Very exciting.

I have been meaning to start a balcony garden for ages. But I guess its just one of those things you forget about. Like exercising…ha…just kidding Gwil (I’m going to get into trouble for saying that).

We went to the new mall the other day (Yes, Penghu now has a new shopping mall, it rubbish, but at least we have one) and there was a book sale on. I stumbled across “Vegetable Gardening in Plastic Bottles”, which sounds bloody dull, but trust me it looks wicked! The author shows you how to recycle your everyday rubbish, craft it into funky multi-storey plant pots. Its a Japanese book. Its cool. Trust me. However, after much torment might I add (it was £1.50 over my budget), I decided to go for “79 Vegetables suitable for your balcony”. Why I hear you screaming. Why not the cool Japanese plastic bottle gardening book. Well. Sure, it showed you a load of cool ways to put together plastic bottles, but as a beginner I felt that I needed something that taught me more about the veggies and how to grow them.

Having had a browse of the book last night, I set off today to buy some seed and some soil. Today I sowed some cucumber seeds and pok choi seeds. Following the ‘zenhabits’ spirit, I have started small and picked easy vegetables to start with. According to my new book, Pok Chois are the best thing to start out with as they germinate within 3-5 days and you can harvests in 25-30. Pretty cool!

I really hope it works. If my little baby Pok Chois pop out in the next week I will be over the moon. Please germinate!

However, not all is well in my balcony garden at the moment. I was given some roses by a student and I am ashamed to say that I haven’t been looking after them. I gave the pot a proper look this afternoon and the plant seems to have a white (I know this will sound crazy but) shellfish like inflection. Some of the leaves have also gone black. Sounds awful right! How did I let it get like this?! I haven’t uncovered the mysterious white shellfish infection. But after some googling and Taiwanese Yahooing, I discovered the the ‘black spot’ is quite a common problem with roses (coming to think of it, are they definitely roses? Who knows! I guess I’ll have to try and find out). So as well as looking after Pok Choi and cucumbers, saving the roses will be my new mission. (The mini orange plant is also looking a bit unhealthy but shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone…one at a time).

While filling my new plant pot with soil today, Dexter was having a great time digging up all the soil I had just put it. I let him play dig it all up and roll around in the dirt. Bless him. He’s just a toddler having some fun! But now that the seeds are sowed he is going nowhere near my veggies.

So fingers crossed. Hopefully my PC will grow to be yummy additions to my noodle soups!

Grow babies. Grow!

I’ll update with picture when they sprout. Otherwise its a bit dull just looking at soil.

P.S. While at the gardening shop, I also bought to lovely looking plants. See below: The mini coconut tree and the golden green plant (I’m translating here but I also can’t really remember the names of the plants.)

P.P.S. I really hope Gardening is not something I just pick up then give up, but a lifelong hobby.




3 thoughts on “My Own Balcony Garden

  1. Great post Fi! Good to hear your voice again on the blog. Good luck with the growing.

  2. Good to read you again after a gap, I hope you manage to save the plants, could it be white fly on the rose,as well as black spot? A spray for those two diseases should be fairly cheap and easy to get hold of. Some general fertiliser would help the citrus fruit and the rose. Keep up the good work – youll need to train the cucumbers on some sticks I think.

  3. Sinister observation – not previously noticed: “Grow babies, grow!”. The exclamation mark suggests the word is ‘growl’, so maybe the order is akin to a spell inviting the plants to become animate; to assume an aggressive mode of behaviour. Why, who knows, next the things will start to devour each other and even attempt to lash out at any unwary person who steps too close to the tubs. You are warned.

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