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Why Do I Always Fall In Love With Hairdressers?


We popped out to the salon today to get our* hair done before Dorris arrives.  Again, much like the opticians, it was the best experience of my hairdressing life.  Not only were they all attractive Asians,  but mine spend a good 30 minutes giving me a thorough head, neck and back massage whilst rubbing shampoo into my hair.  My locks were then lovingly washed for an excessive amount of time, and after this, hot towels were placed over my face while she peristaltically smoothened my face, (a treatment Fiona didn’t get as they didn’t fancy her).

I think i fell in love with my hairdresser, while Fiona translated my attempts at chatting her up.  The hairdresser then suggested that I get my eyebrows trimmed (the cheek of it) to open up my (beautiful) eyes.  She then took out a cut throat razor and forged me a Zac Efronesque sweep to my eyebrows.  This was a frightening moment in case she made me look like a tit, or slipped, giving me and alopecic look.

Even better was the price, although I almost felt bad at how cheap it was, costing just ~£7.  Maybe i’ll come back and ask them to style my leg hair, but I think this might be too herculean a task.  There are still many things I dislike about visiting the hairdressers,  this includes; 1) Not knowing whether to close ones eyes and look like you’re enjoying the massage when it secretly hurts, 2) having them wet you hair, then leaving it looking ridiculous while they tend to your coffee, 3) having to make polite conversation about where you study, what you do, and explain what neuroscience is, 4) Having them show you the back of your head, and you being expected to gaze admiringly at their handiwork.  Has anyone really ever complained that it looks anything but great? I think not.

*We’ve not become symbiotic…yet.

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Author: G.J

Neuroscience graduate from the University of Edinburgh. I have a passion for learning Chinese and finding resources to maximise efficiency.

3 thoughts on “Why Do I Always Fall In Love With Hairdressers?

  1. I trust that she hasnt really cut your eyebrows off!

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